Our Staff

Bryce Dalton is a senior at Orleans Jr./Sr. High School. He’s been at Orleans for some time. He originally attended Orleans in preschool and 1st grade but moved to Milton, Kentucky for four years. He came back to Orleans in the summer of 2014. He currently enjoys drawing and sketching sceneries, which helps with anxiety. Dalton hopes this blog will help people to get to know him and who he is – the type of person who is easy to get along with. Dalton is also excited about this blog because it helps people see a different side of him. He hopes people will see him as a friendly and outgoing person who likes to make other people happy.

J.R. Fields is a senior at Orleans Jr./Sr. High School. His real name is Dennis, but he likes to go by J.R. He has been attending Orleans schools since Kindergarten. His main hobby is reading web novels and books. Fields is looking forward to showing other people what they can do in journalism through this blog. He also wants to get more people to join journalism and keep the blog going once he’s gone.

Abbigail McKenna is a freshman at Orleans Jr./Sr. High School. She’s been going to Orleans since Kindergarten and loves Orleans schools. In her free time, she enjoys photography, painting, drawing, and playing for the high school softball team. McKenna enjoys writing because of the meaningful impact it has on other people. Through this blog, she hopes to change people’s perspectives on things she believes are important. 

Seth Milam is a senior at Orleans Jr./Sr. High School. He has been attending Orleans since first grade, although it has been on and off through the years. Some of his hobbies include playing the guitar and playing the piano. Milam finds this blog exciting because it is a great way for other people to learn more about him. He sees Orleans as a small community where everyone is more or less connected one way or another. He has kept a small friend circle while attending school, so he is looking forward to people learning about who he is. 
Billiejean Stevens is a freshman at Orleans Jr./Sr. High School. She has been attending Orleans since Kindergarten. Her hobbies consist of collecting candles, jewelry design, and shopping online. She says she is a big hoarder when it comes to clothes. Stevens is excited about the blog because it brings a new opportunity to the students of Orleans. She believes it will allow students to express their opinions and expand their writing skills while also having fun.